About Us

Goose is an innovation driven life style company which provides finest quality bags and accessories produced from natural sources. It has started its journey with an objective is to make available these finest products to those who are passionate for style and in search of continuous innovation for style. At Goose we are continuously striving to develop innovative design. At the same time we are highly devoted to supply products as per customers' requirements as we have passion for customers support and services.

The materials we are using in Goose are sourced from all the unique and natural resources. None but the beauty of earth can tremendously color the lives. Goose decode this beauty into the products that stand for passion.

We are continuously striving to excellence in craftsmanship. Excellence in craftsmanship make every pieces products inimitable. At Goose we are passionate to understand our customers and produce every piece of products as unique. We believe people including the craftsman can make the real difference. At Goose people are considered as the most valuable asset as the knowledge and skill of human being are appreciated with the time.


We are passionate for customers service and support. Our objective is to be the vendor of choice for our customers.

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Vision Statement

Mission Statement

  • To provide finest quality leather goods to them who are passionate about style and natural products.
  • To be a vendor of choice for our customers.
  • To create value and make a difference for our stakeholders.
  • To keep contribution in the economy by empowering marginalized people.

Our Values


The driving principal of Goose is to ensure highest level of integrity in every steps of business. We treat honesty and transparency are the DNA of our entrepreneurship.

Passion for Constant Innovation

We are continuously in search how aesthetic articles can decorate lives seamlessly and express individuality.

Giving Back to the Community

We are committed to serve for human kind. At Goose, we do things passionately to help people live happier. We believe it is our sacred responsibility to repay the debt to the soil which gave us birth. Our every activity is driven by this belief.

Respect for Individual

At Goose we treat every individual as like how we want to be treated irrespective of gender and ethnicity.